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The Nittobo Aim: A Feeling of "I'm So Glad it Was Nittobo "Among Stakeholders

Since its establishment as a textile manufacturer in April 1923, Nittobo has accumulated and passed down technologies and expertise over many years, always perceiving the changing times as opportunity and, on every occasion, demonstrating a strong pioneering spirit while driving diversification by taking on the successive challenges of the glass fiber business, in addition to the environment & health businesses.
In overseas development, Nittobo is continuing its international activities, including partnerships with foreign corporations and expansion of its bases of operation to capture new markets.
Recognizing that enhancing corporate value through improvements to business transparency and thorough compliance with laws and ordinances lays the foundation for corporate governance, Nittobo adheres to a Behavior Mission Statement and Behavior Standards, which we strive to make familiar to all employees with top management taking the initiative on setting a good example.

The Nittobo Group is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as a corporation that contributes to humankind and the global environment in the future.
Never forgetting the craftsmanship that lies at the core of manufacturing, we create new technologies and expertise, supplying products that are unique, products that society calls for while acting with integrity to provide assurance and reliability. We meet our social responsibilities by promoting conservation of energy (low carbon initiatives etc.) and resources (recycling etc.) in all our corporate activities on the basis of the Nittobo Environmental Charter. Putting these actions into practice across the whole Group, we aim for sustainable and constructive growth.
To achieve the above, we recognize how extremely important it is to create an environment where each individual can bring their strengths into full play. Our basic stance is to provide employees with opportunities for growth and self-realization in order to create added value, and to ensure that our employees have the time to lead healthy and rich lives.

We will continue to engage in management and business activities based on the Nittobo Declaration, which combines the management principles and values shared across the Group, as we strive to become a corporate group that earns the trust of all of our stakeholders so that they feel, "I'm so glad it was Nittobo."
We hope that we can count on your continued support as we pursue these initiatives.

President ´╝ć Chairman
Katsumi minamizono

Yoshitada Shiratori


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