In vitro diagnostic reagents

Achieving both high quality and stable supply through the Group's integrated global production system

The Nittobo Group produces from the main raw materials to finished products within its organization, and the greatest feature of this system is the ability to supply high quality in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagents in a stable manner. The Group has also produced new products by applying the Specialty Chemicals Division's polymer technologies to the medical field.

Nittobo Medical Co., Ltd., markets reagents for approximately 70 IVD test categories. In addition to the N-Assay Series, which are the open-system reagents run on automated analyzers in medical institutions' laboratories, TRACP-5b, which is used to diagnose osteoporosis, and CSLEX, which is employed to diagnose recurrent breast cancer, are highly rated both in Japan and abroad.

As many countries around the world are witnessing the aging of their populations and more and more people suffer from lifestyle-related diseases, clinical tests are becoming even more important. In order to meet the needs at the frontline in the medical field, Nittobo Medical Co., Ltd., will strive for the research and development of high quality IVD reagents and supply them in a stable manner.

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