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Aiming to be a corporate group that continues to create a global No.1 niche business

Founded in 1923 as a textile manufacturer in Fukushima Prefecture, the Nittobo Group has innovated new technologies and created materials that never existed before such as the industrialization of glass fiber in 1938, glass wool in 1949 and functional polymer "PAA™" in 1983. Having accumulated and succeeded technologies and knowledge over the years, and taken changes of the times as an opportunities, the Nittobo Group has grown with vigorous pioneer spirit while continuous challenges to new technology.
The year 2023 marked the centennial of our establishment, and 2024 will mark the beginning of a new challenge for the next 100 years. The world is currently experiencing turbulence in various sectors, including social, economic, and security, and the environment, in which our group operates, both domestically and internationally, is constantly changing. To achieve further growth, it is essential that we adapt swiftly to these changes. In April 2024, we transitioned from a three-division to a five-division organizational structure to enhance our flexibility to change. In addition, to meet social needs in the medium-to-long term, the Nittobo Group has outlined “Big VISION 2030,” which is the ideal state that the Nittobo Group aspires to be in 2030, and is committed to working toward a sustainable society.

Big VISION 2030 Big VISION 2030

<What Is a Global No. 1 Niche Business? >
• We will harness the potential of all ideas, unlock dormant demands, and target needs
• With technological strengths at our core, we will take on challenges in new fields and develop products that are indispensable for society.
• Ultimately, our goal is to establish a unique position in product development and deepen our relationships with global clients.

We will boldly take on the challenges of the next century and see change as an opportunity.
We hope that you will join us in welcoming the bright future of the Nittobo Group.

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