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Director, Representative and Chief Executive Officer

Nittobo strives in the pursuit of client satisfaction

Founded in 1923 as a textile manufacturer in Fukushima Prefecture, Nittobo Group has seized opportunities in the pursuit of technological challenges. With its dedication and pioneering spirit, the Group contributed to the development of Japan's first industrialized glass fiber in 1938, and made various other significant achievements built upon its accumulated knowledge and expertise, such as introducing the world's first commercial production of functional polymer "PAA™" in 1983. Currently, we are focusing on expanding sustainable growth in both Japan and overseas, in four business areas; Textile, Glass fiber, Medical, Environment & health.

As we approach a historical milestone marking our 100th anniversary in 2023, our Group has developed a long-term business plan "VISION 101," whereby our goal is to be recognized as "a company that delivers innovation from our origins of Fukushima and Japan throughout the globe, offering unique value added business and products based on client expectations and technology."

In the midst of the dramatically changing needs of society, such as addressing global environmental issues, the development of smart solutions utilizing advanced IT, and the increase in health-consciousness, there are a variety of ways in which the business operations and expertise of Nittobo Group can contribute. As globalization of the world economy progresses, it is projected that the severe business environment will continue and competition will further intensify, however, we will persist in our challenge of creating unique products that meet social demands and provide new value to our clients.

Based on our "Management Philosophy," "Nittobo Declaration" and "VISION 101," Nittobo Group will continue our efforts to gain and maintain the trust of our stakeholders in the pursuit of client satisfaction. We hope that you will join us in welcoming the bright future of Nittobo Group.

Director, Representative and Chief Executive OfficerDirector, Representative and Chief Executive Officer  Yuichi Tsuji