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Founded in 1923 as a textile manufacturer in Fukushima Prefecture, Nittobo Group has innovated new technologies and created materials that never existed before such as the industrialization of glass fiber in 1938, glass wool in 1949 and functional polymer "PAA™" in 1983. Having accumulated and succeeded technologies and knowledge over the years, and taken changes of the times as an opportunities, the Nittobo Group has grown with vigorous pioneer spirit while continuous challenges to new technology.

With a historical milestone of our 100th anniversary in 2023, we believe even more strongly that we need to sincerely address social needs and issues including global environmental issues, evolution of digital society, and aspiration for health, security and safety for our sustainable growth to the next 100 years. Therefore, Nittobo Group has formulated [Big VISION 2030], the Group’s vision for 2030.

Big VISION 2030 Big VISION 2030

For the realization of [Big VISION 2030], we are determined to go ahead with challenges to provide No.1 products, the only one product required by society that people feel new values. We hope that you will join us in welcoming the bright future of Nittobo Group.

Director, Representative and Chief Executive OfficerDirector, Representative and Chief Executive Officer  Yuichi Tsuji