Nittobo Group's Vision for 2030 [Big VISION 2030]

The Nittobo Group needs to engage with social issues based on medium- to long-term social and economic environmental changes to attain a sustainable growth for the next 100 years under the fast-changing circumstances.
Alongside the formulation of the "New Mid-Term Business Plan," we have redefined the ideal way that the Nittobo Group aspires to be in 2030, which is [Big VISION 2030], to contribute to the realization of an affluent society as a corporate group that creates a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

[Big VISION 2030

Global niche No.1 for each business

The company aims to be the No.1 company with high sensitivity that can "aware, catch and respond speedy" to market request, and be the No.1 company with high value-added products that refine and develop its unique technologies to provide products matching market needs.

Global niche No.1

Basic strategy has been formulated to realize [Big VISION 2030] and we will implement specific measures as the four main pillars.

No.1 in the global niche that each business aims for