Special materials

NE glass

Whereas NE glass has lower contents of alkaline earth metals (such as CaO and MgO) than general-purpose E glass used for composite materials, it has a higher content of boric acid (B₂O₃). As a result, its fiber has low dielectric constant and low dielectric dissipation factor although it has characteristics similar to those of E glass. NE glass is a new technology developed by Nittobo independently.

■ Characteristics

(Unit: wt %)

Composition NE glass E glass
Density (g/cm³) *1 2.3 2.6
Tensile strength (GPa) *2 3.1 3.2
Tensile elasticity modulus (GPa) 64 75
Maximum elongation percentage (%) 4.8 4.8
Thermal expansion coefficient (×10-6/℃) *1 3.3 5.6
Softening point (℃) *1 - 844
Dielectric constant [1GHz] *1 4.8 6.8
Dielectric dissipation factor [1GHz] 0.0015 0.0035
  • *1 Measured values for lumps of glass
  • *2 Tensile strength is measured using glass fiber called "virgin fiber", which has less defects.
  • * The data listed above are examples of actually measured values and not standard ones.

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