Terms of Use

Nittobo has enacted these "terms of use" for the "Nittobo's website." By using the "Nittobo's website," you agree to these "terms of use." Nittobo reserves the right to revise these "terms of use" at any time.

Scope of use
  • You may view the content we provide on your computer or print it for personal use. Please note that some content cannot be printed.
  • You may download and use the "content" we provide only on "your computer for personal use." Please also comply with any separate "terms of use" that are described in the content.
  • You may not use "content" (including acts, such as duplicating, modifying, analyzing, transmitting, transferring, loaning, licensing, exporting, and all commercial or for-profit use) beyond the scope of private use and the scope otherwise explicitly permitted by law without our prior approval.
"Content" means all content published on the "Nittobo's website" (including texts, catch phrases, logos, trademarks, trade names, photographs, illustrations, charts, drawings, video, still images, music, audio, software, computer programs, databases, and data.) Please note that the "Nittobo's website" and "content" are subject to change or deletion without any notice.
Prohibited acts
  • Acts that infringe upon the assets, rights, privacy, honor, credit, interests, etc., of third parties or Nittobo.
  • The act of using, transmitting, or uploading harmful computer programs, data, or information.
  • Acts that interfere with the operation of the "Nittobo's website."
  • Acts under violation of laws, regulations, rules, etc.
  • Acts contrary to public order and morals.
  • Acts that may correspond to each of the preceding items or acts analogous to each of the preceding items.
  • Any other acts that we deem inappropriate.
Links Third party websites that contain links to the "Nittobo's website" or that are linked to from the "Nittobo's website" are operated by the respective third parties; we assume no liability with respect to the content, etc. of such third party websites. The existence of such links shall not be construed as our recommendation of the third party website and the content contained on that website.
Product information Product information, such as prices and specifications, is subject to revision without any notice. Please note that product images may slightly differ from the actual product's color and texture.
Customer feedback, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions, feedback, or the like. However, we ask you to please refrain from submitting any trade secrets and proprietary information (including third party trade secrets and proprietary information) or proposals, materials, ideas, and the like relating to new product plans, new product naming, and other business (hereinafter, collectively referred to as "Proposals, etc.") except in the case of solicitation. Please note that we assume no liability (to adopt, pay for, or retain confidentiality, etc.) with respect to any "Proposals, etc." that you may submit. By submitting a "Proposal, etc.", you waive all rights (including rights associated with trade secrets, copyright, and industrial property rights) associated with the "Proposal, etc." The application guidelines will be applicable when we solicit particular "Proposals, etc."
Limitation of liability Although we take due care in the operation of the "Nittobo's website," we do not make any legal guarantee or assume any legal obligations or liability with respect to the accuracy and utility of "content." We assume no liability for damages (direct damage, indirect damage, lost profits, etc.) caused by the use or inability to use the "Nittobo's website" and "content."
Governing law and jurisdiction The laws of Japan shall apply to the use of the "Nittobo's website" and interpretation of these "terms of use." The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance to hear any disputes relating to the use of the "Nittobo's website."
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