1898 Koriyama Kenshi Boseki Co., Ltd. founded in Koriyama.
1918 Fukushima Seiren Seishi Co., Ltd. founded in Fukushima.
1923 NITTO BOSEKI CO., LTD established
— Fukushima Boseki Co., Ltd. (formerly Fukushima Seiren Seishi) acquired and merged with Katakura Seishi Iwashiro Bosekisho (formerly Koriyama Kenshi Boseki) and changed name to NITTO BOSEKI, CO., LTD.
1938 Succeeded in industrial production of glass fiber
— First in the world, and almost coincided with the production by Owens Corning Fiber Glass in the U.S.
1949 Start glass wool production.
1960 Launched Nittobo Dishcloth, which proved to be a very long-seller.
1969 Started production of glass fabrics for print wiring board.
Production of ladies' apparel interlining Dan Reine™ began.
1982 Production of blood coagulation factor test agents began.
1984 First in the world to industrially produce functional polymer PAA™
1988 Immunoserological test agents launched.
2008 Fukushima No.1 and No.2 Factories received PRTR award.
2015 "Nittobo Dishcloth™" won Good Design Long-life Design Award.
Received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize in the R&D Award.
2019 Baotek Industrial Materials Ltd. becomes a consolidated subsidiary.