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Verre Screen │ Features

Curtains and blinds are required to fulfill various functions. In some cases, they are required to fulfill conflicting functions at the same time.

Sunlight Heat blocking or light blocking
Transmit light as is or as thermal energy
Field of vision Want to see the outside of windows or block people's gaze from outside
Acoustics Want to block sound from outside or enhance indoor sound-absorbing effects
Design View of the building or interior decoration

Rolling screens control sunlight by blocking sunlight to keep rooms cool in summer and letting in sufficient sunlight to create a warm indoor environment in winter. It also saves energy by admitting natural light selectively.

  • * Verre Screen displays its performance by combining its functions as a glass window and a screen.

Links to blind manufacturers that use Verre Screen (in alphabetical order)

  • * Verre Screen displays excellent performance only if used together with the interior elements of blind manufacturers that use it.
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