Cloth for whetstones and aluminum filtration

Glass cloth is used to enhance the strength of whetstones and for filters, by utilizing the toughness and heat resistance of glass fiber.

Cloth for whetstones

With the large diameter of its fibers and its coarse fabric structure, glass cloth is used as reinforcement for resinoid whetstones (offset, cut-off, and other whetstones), which are widely used in such industries as iron and steel, shipbuilding, and construction.
Glass cloth is indispensable to safe whetstones as it enhances the rotational fracture strength and the impact resistance of whetstones.
Various types of cloth can be chosen according to the type, size, thickness, and other attributes of whetstones.

  • What are resinoid whetstones?
  • 1. Liquid phenol resin is impregnated into glass cloth to form prepreg.
  • 2. Glass cloth/phenol prepreg is die cut into the designated discoidal dimensions so that the material is used for molding.
  • 3. Together with abrasive grain, the molding material in the discoidal dimensions is molded into the shape of a whetstone.
  • 4. This wheel is hardened in a furnace to produce a resinoid whetstone.

Cloth for aluminum filtration

Glass cloth is used for filters to remove impurities in melted aluminum employing the heat resistance of glass fiber.
From among various types of cloth with different levels of weaving density and coarseness of texture, the most suitable one can be chosen according to the size of impurities to be removed.
WA plain weave cloth and WG cloth, both of which are sealed, and mock leno weave cloth, whose raw fabric can be used as is, are available for aluminum filtration.

Specifications (standard)

Product code Manner of
Tensile strength
Warp Weft Warp Weft
WG 240
Plain 0.29 1150 235 11 11 >870 >870 120
WA 350
Plain 0.37 1000 341 20 20 >1310 >1310 120
WA 370
Plain 0.34 1000 319 14 14 >1200 >1200 100
WA 580
Mock leno 0.42 1000 454 31 24 >1830 >1550 60
  • * These figures are standard ones for untreated cloth. Cloth thickness is slightly increased if the cloth is sealed.

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