IR Policy

(1) The Executive Officer in charge of the Corporate Communication Department is responsible for promoting dialogue with shareholders, and the Corporate Communication Department assists the Executive Officer in managing the overall investor relations. To contribute to ensuring sustained growth and enhancing corporate value in the medium to long run, we are striving to make opportunities to talk with shareholders under the leadership of the Executive Officer. The Corporate Communication Department and other departments related to IR activities promote cooperation among the departments on a daily basis.

(2) Nittobo Group is continuously working to disclose information appropriately and in a timely manner so that its customers, shareholders, and investors can understand and determine its actual situation correctly. To that end, we comply with laws and ordinances relevant to information disclosure, regulations of stock exchanges, and so forth, and are working to establish and operate appropriate information disclosure systems.

(a) Information that relevant laws and ordinances in Japan and abroad, regulations of stock exchanges, and so forth, require us to disclose is published in our business reports, annual securities reports, and investors' newsletter and through stock exchange information communication systems and press releases.

(b) In principle, information disclosed by the Group is posted on its website. In addition, the Group is making efforts to disclose information more fairly and extensively.

(c) We hold briefings for analysts and institutional investors immediately after we publish financial results for the whole year and half-years.

(3) The Corporate Communication Department puts together all opinions, concerns, and other comments about Nittobo obtained mainly through dialogue with shareholders and investors and reports them to the Executive Officer in charge of the Corporate Communication Department. At the same time, it gives feedback to senior managers and the Board of Directors by reporting them at executive officers' and other meetings, as required.

(4) In responding to individual inquiries and talking with stakeholders, we pay full attention to protecting insider information and limit information disclosed in briefings to information that has already been made public or become part of public knowledge.


Nittobo takes no responsibility for damage caused to customers through the use of its website (irrespective of whether said damage is caused directly or indirectly). If you use Nittobo's website, please ensure that you fully understand the disclaimers listed below and the conditions of use.

(1) The information posted on Nittobo's website includes forecasts of financial results, business plans, and other financial information of Nittobo and its group companies. These forecasts, plans are based on various assumptions and are not intended to be a promise or a guarantee that they will be realized in the future.

(2) Nittobo's website is intended not to solicit investments but to obtain the understanding of investors regarding the finances and management of the company. Investors are requested to make investment decisions on their own initiative.

(3) Nittobo makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of data on its website; however, Nittobo takes no responsibility for any trouble caused by the posting of erroneous information or the falsification or other inappropriate handling of data by third parties.