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Verre Screen (for roller blinds)

Verre Screen is glass-coated yarn cloth that comes in various colors and supports windows up to four meters in width.

High-quality rolling screen cloth

Verre Screen is rolling blind cloth produced by coating glass fiber with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It enables customers to create simple yet colorful designs by combining manners of weaving that meet their needs.
Verre Screen brings effects that meet specific spatial needs from the entrance of offices, public facilities, hotels, and stores to the room windows of homes. It also supports large openings by optimizing its outstanding dimensional stability.

Verre Screen

High-quality blind cloth

Nittobo is a pioneer in glass fiber manufacture. In 1938, the company started to manufacture glass fiber on a commercial basis earlier than anyone else in the world, and since then, it has continued to manufacture glass fiber products in various fields by optimizing the useful properties of glass fiber. One of the products is Verre Screen.
All elements of Verre Screen, ranging from its raw material, glass fiber yarn, to its plain cloth, are produced under Nittobo's integrated system, and Nittobo delivers highly stable Verre Screen products by applying rigorous quality control to all processes. Because Verre Screen is produced using uniformly coated glass fiber yarn, its fabric has uniform quality as well as less curls and flare. Warping of weft is also controlled to a minimum.

High-quality blind cloth

Verre Screen offers high quality with less curls, flare, and warping.

High-quality blind cloth

Verre Screen meets the diverse needs of interior spaces through combinations of colors and manners of weaving.

Supporting ultra-wide windows

Because it supports windows up to four meters in width, Verre Screen enables installation of a single, giant screen without joints. In addition, a wider screen may reduce the number of mechanical units needed, leading to cost reduction. If secondary processing based on deposition (welder deposition using ultrasonic or high-frequency waves) is adopted, even larger screens can be installed.
Largest possible width: 4.0 m for the WL5011 type and 3.6 m for the WL5092 type
Example of installation (left): Osaka Hilton Plaza
One wide-type unit of Verre Screen is four meters in width and 40 meters in height.

Supporting ultra-wide windows

Energy-saving products

Verre Screen enhances air-conditioning and heating efficiency by controlling sunshine. It also reduces air-conditioning and heating costs as well as CO₂ emissions.

Table: Examples of figures related to blocking of sunshine

product number
Color Optical performance Thermal performance
Visible light Solar radiation Ultraviolet

(µ value) (SC value)
Plain weave
ADAD 72.2 27.8 65.9 30.6 3.5 11.5 0.32 0.36
GHGK 29.6 12.7 27.2 14.0 58.8 11.5 0.34 0.39
Twill weave
GCAD 45.3 6.5 40.6 8.6 50.8 2.3 0.26 0.30
GCAC 43.1 4.9 39.1 7.0 53.9 2.0 0.25 0.29
Group weave
ADAD 59.0 38.4 52.3 40.1 7.6 21.5 0.43 0.49

Excellent track record

The high quality of Verre Screen is acknowledged by many clients, design offices, and construction companies, and Verre Screen has been used by blind manufacturers for numerous renowned facilities:

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Nagoya City Art Museum, Toto Kanko Bus, Aichi Prefectural Culture Hall, Shinjuku Park Tower, ATC, Kobe Institute of Computing, Gunma Prefectural Government, Nankai Electric Railway Limited Express rapi:t, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Toshima Ward Sugamo Gym, Hokkaido Chuo Rosai Hospital, Fukuoka Kokusai Center, Hiroshima Yokaichi Gymnasium, Osaka Prefectural Center for Women, Salesian Boys' Home, Kadoma Sports Center, Oita Convention Hall, Yamanashi Health Village, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan Tobacco Head Office Building, Rinrei Building, Chiba Rosai Hospital, SURUGA Bank, The University of Shiga Prefecture, Sakata Seed, Hitachi System Plaza Kansai, Tokyo Fashion Town, Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel, Hotel Nikko, Sendai Airport, Advanced Technology Education Center, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo Big Sight, Kobunsha Building, Miyagi Prefectural Gym, Umi to Nagisa no Hakubutsukan, Aichi Kenko no Mori, Fukuoka Sea Hawk, Yokohama City Izumi Ward General Office, Osaka Kawaijuku, Yamazaki Nishi Shinjuku Building, Zenkoku Choson Kaikan, Shimane Art Museum, Kodansha Head Office Building, Ajinomoto Building No. 18, Osaka Garden City, Passagegarden, Kitakyushu Media Dome, Awaji Yumebutai, Matsuyama Guest House, Kochi Sole, Kansai International Airport, Sapporo Dome, Miraikan, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Ginza Maison Hermes, Korakuen, Public Accountant Hall, Dentsu Head Office Building, Izumi Garden Tower, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Kozuki Capital, Narita Airport, Ceramics Park MINO, Urawa Municipal Gymnasium, Aomori Prefectural Gymnasium, Nishi Shinjuku 6-chome Redevelopment Project, Aoyama Gakuin University, Fukui Prefectural Welfare Center, Noevir, Konan High School, Amway Japan Head Office Building, Nippon Television Tower, Shiodome Sumitomo Building, Osaka Gas, Jaxa, COREDO Nihonbashi, Meiji University, Meguro Persimmon Hall, Hilton Plaza Osaka, Marunouchi Building, Kasamatsu Sports Park, Haneda Airport, Fujitsu Kamata, Caretta Shiodome, KEPCO Building, Toyota Motor New Technology Building, Fujisoft ABC, Casio Computer Hachioji R&D Center, Denso Head Office, Ryutsu Keizai University Shin-Matsudo Campus, JT Building (in Tranomon), Fujisawa Pharmaceutical, Rissho University, The Westin Osaka, Yaizu City General Welfare Office Building, The Training and Research Institute for Court Officials, Sumitomo Realty & Development Kojimachi condominium, Bunka Shutter New Office Building, YONDEN Building Annex, Kita Senju Station Redevelopment Project, Nihon University College of Science and Technology, Hirayama Ikuo Silk Road Museum (in Yatsugatake), Nihon University College of Humanities and Sciences Library, Diamond City (in Hiroshima), NTT docomo Sumida Building, Kawaguchi City Honcho Redevelopment Project, Nagoya University International Education & Exchange Center, Hiroshima University of Economics Media Information Center, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics

Easy maintenance

Even if Verre Screen is stained, the stain can be easily wiped off.
It can be used for windows of restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores.
It is also most suitable for windows of kitchen in the home.

Ketchup stain removal test

Ketchup stain removal test

Used for vertical louvers, too

Verre Screen shows less twists than conventional vertical blinds, thanks to the glass fiber's characteristics. It can also be used for high windows.

  • * The twisting of the WL5011 type 10 cm in width and 6m in height remains at 5° or less.

Usable for blackout screens

Verre Screen can be used for a blackout screen while maintaining its fabric design.
* The maximum width available is 2.5 m (2.0 m for ordinary products).

  • • Verre Screen provides a complete blackout screen, preventing almost all light rays from leaking through gaps.
  • • Verre Screen cloth comes in five colors or more, and orders for special colors can be made depending on the quantity ordered.
  • • Manual and electric operations are possible.
  • • Verre Screen can be installed for large openings as well as for vertical or horizontal windows and slopes.
  • • Certified as flame-retardant products
    Verre Screen meets low-formaldehyde specifications.
  • • Almost all stains can be wiped off.
Installation The fastener method is suitable to make Verre Screen a complete blackout screen.
Uses Verre Screen is used in hotel guest rooms, multi-purpose halls, conference rooms, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, condominiums, and so forth.

Standards and specifications

Product code WL5011 WL5092 WL5058 WL5525
Manner of weaving Plain weave Twill weave Group weave lain weave
Cloth thickness (mm) 0.44 0.56 0.56 0.40
Weight (g/m²) 420 491 336 359
Tensile strength
Warp 760 1,075 1,098 643
Weft 853 847 467 665
Tear strength
Warp 53 89 187 44
Weft 54 60 46 39
Japan Fire Retardant Association certification number BT-940054 BT-940053 BT-910058 BT-980063
Color fastness to light Grade 4 or higher Grade 4 or higher Grade 4 or higher Grade 4 or higher
Shading rate (%) 85.8 93.6 67.8 84.8

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