Specialty chemicals business

Developing unique functional polymers to reflect the user's needs

In order to develop new products, our researchers visit customers who are chemical manufacturers and research institutes and constantly discuss with them to grasp their needs at the worksite level. This has enabled us to understand both visible and latent problems of our customers and to propose them solutions. We have created a wide range of unique products such as a dye fixing agent for fibers , an auxiliary agent for metal plating and a hard coating agent for wooden flooring.

The strongest point of our specialty chemicals business is the research and development ability of new functional polymers by utilizing unique raw materials and manufacturing know-how. Our distinctive products in the world, such as Poly-allylamine (PAA™) and the Polyamine Series (PAS), have been developed through long and repeated discussions with our customers.
SSG Coat™, which is inorganic/organic nano-composite materials can solve various problems of conventional inorganic/organic composite materials in innovative ways. MOKUTO™, which is a special liquid glass paint, can protect the surface of natural woods. Both are used in many fields such as woodwork, metals, building maintenance, chemical and electronics.

The specialty chemicals division will continue to explore the possibilities of functional polymers and nano-composite materials and its aim is to conduct a comprehensive polymer/ nano-composite materials business.

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