Meeting diversifying customer needs with our unique technology and product development capabilities

Our adhesive interlining products command a large share in the domestic high-end ladies’ apparel market, and our Nittobo Dishcloth™ has been consumer favorite for more than 60 years. Thus, we provide auxiliary materials for clothing and other products that are closely connected to our everyday living.
By using our unique adhesive technology that we have accumulated, we will expand from clothing into products for living and industrial materials. As a manufacturer of functional materials, we will be offering products that would best suit the ever-diversifying needs of our customers.

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Highly functional material produced with occasions of use in mind

Nittobo's adhesive interlining is developed and produced with consideration given to the texture of outer materials, sewing, finish, and even consumption performance at the time of wear.
We provide products that best serve the needs of our customers through an integrated system, starting with Bunkyo Seiren Co., Ltd., which specializes in the pretreatment of adhesive interlining products and dyeing of special fibers, and completing at Nittobo Advantex Co., Ltd., which develops, manufactures, and sells adhesive interlining products.
Our product line includes Nittobo INTERLINING, a global brand of high-quality interlining rich in fashion and functionality, and innovative fabric, an ultralightweight inner material that incorporates the interlining manufacturing technology. Through stringent quality control, product development from the customer’s perspective, and technical support, we boast the largest share in the Japanese market of adhesive interlinings for high-end ladies’ apparel.


Nittobo Dishcloth

A long-seller that has remained popular for over half a century

Nittobo Dishcloth was developed jointly with Kurashi-no-Techo publishing company. It is the product that passed various tests conducted to satisfy the four requirements of dishcloth: high water absorbency, high durability, softness, and fuzz-free. As a long-seller, it has remained popular for over sixty years.
In 2015, Nittobo Dishcloth won the Good Design/Long Life Design Award.

Nittobo Dishcloth

This product meets the most rigorous Product Class I requirements for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, that tests textiles for substances harmful to the human body. This product can be used even by babies as its safety has been certified by OEKO-TEX.

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