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To Shareholders and Investors

To Shareholders and Investors

After its 100th anniversary in 2023, the Nittobo Group faces a year of new challenges for the next 100 years.

The three-year mid-term business plan, ending in FY2023, is positioned as the first phase of our long-term vision "Big VISION 2030," which is the ideal state that the Nittobo Group aspires to be in 2030, and has been implemented in line with four priority measures. While we invest aggressively in growth areas, we have steadily progressed in optimizing our business portfolio and reviewing unprofitable businesses to strengthen our management foundation. To address environmental issues, we have set ourselves long-term goals, such as achieving carbon neutrality, and are developing specific activities. Furthermore, we have pushed reforms in the soft segment, such as strengthening our R&D capabilities, implementing human resource development measures, and improving our customer solution capabilities.

We will continue to create business growth with high-value-added products, such as Special Glass suitable for high-speed, large-volume data processing, and in vitro diagnostics reagents, which are indispensable for maintaining and improving people’s health. These are the Nittobo Group’s unique products. We will also focus on creating customer value to achieve our goal of becoming the "Global Niche No. 1" in all businesses. Furthermore, to realize a sustainable society, we will focus on not only reducing CO₂ emissions in the manufacturing process but also solving environmental issues by offering products such as glass wool insulation materials. We are committed to nurturing a motivating and creative environment for the Group’s employees, who will serve as the foundation for these efforts, by facilitating human resource development and work style reforms.

Our business environment is changing rapidly. To respond flexibly to these changes, we have reorganized our organizational structure into a market-driven business division system. By delegating product development, manufacturing, and sales authority to each business division, we can quickly manage to meet the complex and changing needs of our clients. We look forward to the continued understanding and support of our shareholders and investors.

April, 2024

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