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To Shareholders and Investors

Nittobo Group is taking in action a 3-year Mid-Term Business Plan until FY2023, which we mark the 100th anniversary of our foundation and the start into the next 100 years. In addition, the corporate vision in 2030, we set forth [Big VISION 2030: as a corporate group that continues to create a global No.1 niche business, we aspire to contribute to "Environment / Energy," "Digital Society," and "Health / Security / Safety" for realizing a sustainable society.

In the previous Mid-Term Business Plan, we adopted "challenges for change and creation" as our theme and regarded the four years as a period to reinforce a foundation to achieve a sustainable growth and have been implementing measures to thoroughly reinforce the strengths of Nittobo Group.

In the three years of the Mid-Term Business Plan starting FY2021, we set "realization of change and creation", and we will be in a stage to reap the benefits of the previous Mid-Term Business Plan. At the same time, it will also be a new stage, a launch of long-term strategy to achieve [Big VISION 2030], the corporate vision for 2030.

Nittobo Group will create further business growth with highly-added values including the Group's unique products such as Special Glass suitable for 5G and high-speed large-capacity data processing and in vitro diagnostic reagents essential for keeping people's health condition and their health promotion. Moreover, we will implement structural reforms to make each business evolve into lean business units. In addition, we will focus on initiatives for not only reducing CO₂ in the production process, but also environmental issues through providing products such as glass wool heat insulation materials for the realization of a sustainable society. We will prepare a motivational and creative work environment for the Group employees who will be the basis for these changes and creations by proceeding with development of human resources and workstyle innovation.

We will steadily carry out measures specified in the Mid-Term Business Plan and improve corporate value continuously, and to gain and maintain the trust of our stakeholders in pursuit of client satisfaction. We hope that you will join us in welcoming the bright future of Nittobo Group.

April 2023

Director, Representative and Chief Executive OfficerYuichi Tsuji