Chopped strand mat

Nittobo's chopped strand mats are a high-quality basic ingredient of glass fiber, which are produced under rigorous quality control using the most advanced mat machine.
Nittobo meets customers' needs by offering products with various weights mainly for hand lay-up and waterproofing work.

Chopped strand mat for hand lay-up

Nittobo's chopped strand mats for hand lay-up improve moldability in hand lay-up molding and increase affinity with various kinds of resin in order to enhance the strength and boiling resistance of molded products.
Its tape mats, meanwhile, are chopped strand mats cut in tape shape in advance to facilitate corner reinforcement, overlay, adhesion, and other sorts of work. The tape mats are useful as basic supplementary material.

■ List of products (standard products)

Typical product types Yarn count (g/m²) Roll weight/length
104 cm in width 156 cm in width 186 cm in width
Weight (kg) Length (m) Weight (kg) Length (m) Weight (kg) Length (m)
MC 300 A - (Width) 300 30 96 45 96 53 96
MC 380 A - (Width) 380 30 76 - - 53 76
MC 450 A - (Width) 450 30 64 45 64 53 64
MC 600 A - (Width) 600 30 48 45 48 53 48
  • *1 The hardness of each type of chopped strand mat is adjusted for optimal hand lay-up molding. Furthermore, customers can choose from among standard (A), soft (AS), and hard (AH) types according to the size of resin and molded products, the complicatedness of shape, and so forth.
  • *2 Chopped strand mat 156 cm in width is designed only for Type A.

■ Example of applications


■ List of products (tape mat)

Typical product types Yarn count (g/m²) Roll width (cm) Roll count per carton Weight per carton (kg)
MC 450 A-010 450 10 10 30
MC 450 A-020 450 20 5 30
MC 450 A-030 450 30 3 27

Chopped strand mat for waterproofing work

Nittobo's chopped strand mats for waterproofing work have deckle edges for waterproofing work. These mats have been developed to increase efficiency of waterproofing work and help improve surface finish.
In addition, the thickness of the portion of mat that is lain on top of one another is made even to render waterproofing work easy and improve post-lining external appearance.

■ List of products

Typical product types Yarn count (g/m²) Roll width (cm) Roll weight (kg) Roll length (m)
MC 380 A-100 380 105 30 79
MC 450 A-100 450 105 30 66.7
MC 600 A-100 600 105 30 50
  • * The type with deckle edges on both sides (LL) has a red line for positioning at both ends. Other types with deckle edge on one side (LS) are also available.

■ Example of applications

FRP waterproofing work site

FRP waterproofing work site

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