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Nitto Beverage Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nitto Boseki, is developing the beverage business. It focuses on private-brand OEM contracts, from plastic bottle molding to beverage manufacturing and bottling.
Aiming to be a company that is trusted and needed by customers, we will continue to provide “delicious” and “joyful” beverage under the slogan “safety and security”.

History of the business

Making the best use of Kurobe's water to develop business

Nitto Beverage Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. In the year following the one when voluntary regulations for the manufacture of 500 ml or smaller PET bottles were lifted in Japan, it began as a business by taking over a spinning mill that had operated for more than 56 years.
Nitto Beverage's key products are refreshing beverages in PET bottles, which use Kurobe's famed mineral water, the blessing of subsoil water from Kurobe River, at Tomari, which is located in the alluvial fan in the eastern part of Toyama Prefecture. The company meets customers' needs by making the most of its strength: production of multiple products in small lots.

Business overview

Strong in private branding

Refreshing beverages

Through the OEM production of private brand products, Nitto Beverage has met the expectations of customers and expanded its product lineup, which previously consisted mainly of tea drinks, to include sports and fruit juice drinks.
In order to fulfill its responsibilities as a food manufacturer, the company has worked to acquire ISO9001 certification for quality management systems and FSSC22000 certification for food safety systems. It is engaged in daily operations with "Take on new challenges! Everything is for customers" as its slogan.

Refreshing beverages

Processes up to the undertaking of manufacture on contract
(in the case of tea drinks)

  • ① Customer requests
    • - Create unique tea drinks by making the most of local tea leaves
    • - Develop unique private brand tea drinks
  • ② Trial production
    • - Produce on a trial basis tea drinks that meet customers' needs
    • - Integrated trial production can be done in all processes ranging from procurement of raw materials requested to their blending
  • ③ Mass production
    • - Witnessed inspections can be conducted at the manufacturing line.
  • ④ Quality
    • - Rigorous quality control based on ISO9001 and FSSC22000 standards
  • ⑤ Shipment and delivery
    • - Products are delivered to customers swiftly

Flow of product development

Flow of product development

Business introduction
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