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As good corporate citizens

Based on an even better relationship with the environment and society, Nittobo aims at "contributing to a more healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

We must be involved with protecting our precious environment.
We must also develop our business activities while complying with the law and our corporate philosophy.
We must also have open and mutual communication with each of our stakeholders to establish even better relationships.
At Nittobo, we are positively engaged in the establishment and implementation of this type of system, in order to gain even wider trust from society, and to increase the value of the company.
We believe that "contributing to a more healthy and comfortable lifestyle" at which Nittobo is aiming, must be realized along with the "social responsibility of corporate citizens.

Environmental Charter

1.We pledge to develop and provide excellent and socially useful products, technologies, and services that deliver satisfaction to our customers, paying due attention to safety issues and issues related to the safeguarding of personal and customer information.

2.We pledge to compete in a fair, transparent manner and to act responsibly and in compliance with social norms, as well as with laws and ordinances and our Articles of Incorporation.

3.As a trusted company, we pledge to engage in fair disclosure of our corporate information and to communicate in good faith with the general public.

4.Fully aware of pressing global environment issues, we commit ourselves voluntarily and proactively to creating and maintaining a better environment and to identifying energy-saving solutions, achieving effective use of resources, and preventing pollution as preconditions for our growth and survival.

5.We pledge to demonstrate our respect for local cultures and customs; to strive to coexist in harmony with society through our corporate activities, both domestic and overseas; and to act proactively as good corporate citizens to contribute to the development of local communities.

6.To our employees, we pledge to make every effort to establish and maintain safe, friendly working environments that provide flexibility and opportunity, seeking to create cheerful workplaces free of discrimination in which all are accorded respect for basic human rights.

7.We pledge to strive to achieve coexistence and mutual prosperity alongside our suppliers through fair and transparent transactions based on mutual respect.

8.We pledge to take an ethical, uncompromising attitude toward antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and harmony of civil society.

9.Senior management will assume the leadership roles needed to ensure the firm promulgation of this Program across the Nittobo Group.
Senior management also assumes responsibility for creating public understanding and awareness of this Program and for creating effective internal systems.
Should any violation of this Program occur, senior management assumes responsibility for taking all necessary action to resolve the issues, investigate causes, and prevent their recurrence, as well as for implementing due disciplinary measures on all those responsible, including senior management itself.

Specific Behavior Guidelines

In the Nittobo Group, we have established the "Nittobo Behavior Program," which stipulates the principles that must be observed by the company, the officers and the employees while carrying out business activities, and for the implementation of this program, the following "Specific Behavior Guidelines" have been established.

1.Specific behavior guidelines concerning responsibility as a provider of products

2.Specific behavior guidelines to ensure compliance with corporate ethical principles and applicable laws and ordinances

3.Specific behavior guidelines concerning information

4.Specific behavior guidelines concerning the environment

5.Specific behavior guidelines concerning respect for individuality and personality

6.Specific behavior guidelines concerning safety and health

7.Specific behavior guidelines concerning corporate philanthropy

8.Specific behavior guidelines concerning relationships with business counterparts

9.Specific behavior guidelines concerning antisocial forces

Environmental Charter

■ Basic philosophy

We, the people in the Nittobo Group, will contribute to the succession of our precious global environment to the next generation, and to sustainable development, by providing eco-friendly goods and services, with regard to all the corporate activities and business development.

▲ ISO14001 Certificate

■ Action guidelines

1. Environmental protection

By planning reductions in the load on the environment, we will pursue continued improvement to the environment, and aim for coexistence with communities.

2. Corporate activities based on consideration of the environment

In all our business regions, both within and outside of Japan, we will promote the conservation of energy and resources, recycling, and activities which take the environment into consideration.

3. Compliance with environmental policies and self-management

We will comply with regulations and other requirements and ideas, set our own environmental policies and management standards, and strive to achieve these goals.

4. Implementation of regular auditing

Through regular auditing, we can verify and make adjustments to our environmental and safety management, and we will strive to improve these management levels.

5. Education and enlightenment

We will inform all of our employees about our environmental policies, ensure environmental and safety education, heighten consciousness about these issues and strive for the succession of the environment to the next generation.

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