Safety and Health

Fundamental Approach

The Nittobo Group regards the safety and health of its employees as the foundation of its business management.
For this reason, we promote the maintenance of safe working environments and employee education, as well as the sharing of information within the Group. Furthermore, we have established committees at each business site which are engaging in risk management for disasters and accidents.

Action Guidelines

  • 1. Establishment of a Safe Workplace Environment

    Perform a risk assessment to remove and decrease hazardous and harmful factors and invest in necessary management resources to maintain and improve our safe and healthy working environment.

  • 2. Promote Health Maintenance

    Proactively assist in the maintenance and promotion of the health of our employees both mentally and physically by establishing a pleasant workplace in which they freely and willingly exchange opinions, and prevent harassment or excessive workload at the workplace.

  • 3. Compliance and Management of Labor Policy

    Comply with laws, regulations, and other standards regarding safety and health, stipulate independent safety goals and standards, and endeavor to achieve them.

  • 4. Implementation of Periodic Inspection

    Seek to examine and improve safety and health control systems and to enhance such control standards through the implementation of periodic safety and health inspections.

  • 5. Education/Enlightenment

    Create safe and healthy working environments across our organization by thoroughly providing all of our employees with safety and health education and to understand safety and health guidelines.

Established on July 1, 2017

Safety and Health Initiatives

To create a safer and more secure workplace, the Nittobo Group is implementing initiatives such as safety and health inspections and fire risk assessments at every business site, as well as making information on safety activities and disaster examples available within the Group.

Major Initiatives for FY2021

Initiative Description
Workplace Safety and Health Assessment Business divisions and headquarters departments conduct objective evaluations of health and safety activities in terms of condition, behavior, and awareness, with business sites working to standardize and improve safety management levels across the Group through efforts to make improvements on indicated items.
Business Site Fire Risk Assessment We are working to prevent fires by assessing fire risks from a third-party perspective and receiving advice on risk reduction from the perspective of management systems and facilities through evaluation by outside experts, issue identification, and making improvements.
Groupwide Information Dissemination We share the results of health and safety assessments and fire risk assessments, good examples of health and safety activities, and reports on disaster countermeasures in a standard Groupwide format, to reflect the experience and knowledge of the Group in the activities of each business site.

Response to Major Disasters

The Nittobo Group manages risks to mitigate the potential impact of disasters, accidents and other events. To ensure the safety and health of employees is the basis of business management, committees at each business site conduct activities to promote legal compliance and to create safe and pleasant working environments. BCP training attended by Officers and earthquake and fire response drills are also conducted on a regular basis.

Basic Policy on Responding to Major Disasters
  1. Prioritize the safety and wellbeing of employees and their families.
  2. Where possible, continue to conduct critical business operations, such as supplying useful products, technologies and services. If business operations are halted, aim to restart as soon as possible.
  3. Appropriately manage the risk of business disruption and minimize the impact on business management.
  4. Cooperate with local residents and surrounding local governments as a good corporate citizen.
  5. Regularly update BCPs and conduct drills to verify effectiveness (annually).
BCP training drill

BCP training drill