Risk Management

Fundamental Approach

The Nittobo Group makes every effort to appropriately manage and prevent risks surrounding its business to ensure that it actively fulfills its social responsibilities while enhancing corporate value.
We have established systems to identify, evaluate, and institute countermeasures against increasingly diverse and complex risks accompanying the progress of globalization, to prevent these risks from materializing, and to reduce losses when a crisis occurs.

Risk Management System

Based on the basic policy and system for risk management stipulated in the Rules for Risk Management, the Risk Management Committee, chaired by the Representative and Chief Executive Officer, appropriately manages various risks surrounding our business to prevent these from materializing. Furthermore, we are strengthening our legal risk management system by putting in place a system to receive various feedback, advice, and guidance, from corporate attorneys and specialized lawyers regarding corporate management and daily operations.

Information Management

We disclose information on our business activities in a timely and appropriate manner to enhance corporate transparency.
In addition, we have established rules for the management of trade secrets, document management, personal information handling, and information system management, and manage such information after specifying management methods and managers to ensure we appropriately manage the information in our possession. We also conduct regular self-inspections, monitoring, and workplace education.

Information Security

With developments in information networking, the danger of information leaking outside the Company and the threat of cyber-attacks is increasing. For this reason, we undertake preventive measures against potential risks, along with countermeasures for viruses, led by our Head of IT, with the aim of securing, and achieving further improvements in, our information security.

Information Management Education

  1. Appropriate management of information held by the Company in accordance with the provisions of various regulations (annual self-inspection and monitoring, implementation of workplace education)
  2. In addition to training at the time of hiring, special training is provided at the time law and similar provisions come into effect, and the intranet is used to ensure timely and appropriate internal awareness of the law
  3. Provide education on information security
  4. Conduct unannounced, targeted e-mail drills for all employees, including officers