Workstyle Reform and Health Management

Fundamental Approach

The Nittobo Group regards employee health as a foundation of our business operations. The Group proactively supports efforts to preserve and enhance the physical and mental health of our employees and strives to enhance both productivity and employees' quality of life.

Promotion of Work-Life Balance

Average monthly overtime per employee at Nittobo in fiscal 2021 was 7.6 hours, much lower than the manufacturing industry average. To enable employees to experience job satisfaction and demonstrate their best performance, while simultaneously maintaining an appropriate work-life balance, we will continue to develop an environment in which people pursue long careers.
Also, in Japan, which has a declining birthrate and aging population, it is important to prepare a worker-friendly environment for employees with childcare or nursing care responsibilities. We have introduced programs that allow employees to respond flexibly to those kinds of life events, such as an annual paid leave system, a coreless flextime system, and a work-from-home system. With work practices in general expected to undergo far-reaching changes, we are continuing to embed and improve new work practices that achieve both a high-quality work-life balance and significant improvements in productivity, through our projects to improve the productivity of internal departments. We are also revising regulations and systems, employing robotization, utilizing workflow systems, and shifting to paperless methods that don't require hanko seals.

Overtime hours (monthly average)
Overtime hours (monthly average)

Health Management

Health in mind and body is the cornerstone of employee job satisfaction. In cooperation with the Nittobo Health Insurance Association, we strive to promote employee health by providing opportunities for physical and mental refreshment, such as free-of-charge use of a sports gym, health checkups administered by post, and support for family enjoyment of recreation. We have also taken out comprehensive medical expense insurance to alleviate the expense burden on employees when injury or sickness occurs.