Eco-conscious Products

Fundamental Approach

The Nittobo Group is making full use of its technological capabilities and product knowledge to reduce direct environmental impacts using its products. In addition, through the use of our products as materials and components in our customer’s products we are also indirectly contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts. We will continue to actively contribute to the mitigation of environmental impacts on broad societal fronts.

High-Performance Insulation

Paramount Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a Nittobo Group company, manufactures and sells glass wool insulation used in homes and other buildings. Insulation is a material that contributes to energy saving by preventing outdoor heat and cold from flowing into rooms and by improving the effectiveness of indoor heating and cooling.
To strengthen measures to prevent global warming, the Act on the Improvement of Energy Consumption Performance of Buildings (Building Energy Efficiency Act) was enacted in 2015. Since then, revisions have been made to expand and add content. Under a 2022 revision, all new home construction must conform to the highest conventional insulation grade by 2025. Moreover, there is an increasing need for insulation with improved performance and even higher thermal insulation ratings have been established. To address this situation, we are pursuing high-performance insulation materials. While maintaining the inherent fireproofing, high durability, and low CO2 emissions qualities found in the life cycle assessment (LCA) of glass wool insulation, we have developed products with insulation performance superior to that of other materials that will meet the newly established high thermal insulation ratings. High-performance insulation materials can be expected to improve insulation performance by approximately 30% compared to conventional glass wool insulation.

High-Performance Insulation
FOCUS ON Environmental Response Connected by the Supply Chain: Achieved RCS Certification

Nittobo Advantex Co., Ltd. handles interlinings, everything from development to production and sales. In 2021, it received the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certification from Control Union Certifications, an international certification organization. RCS is an international certification established to promote and educate the public about eco-conscious textile materials. In addition to meeting the criteria on content ratio of recycled materials, the supply chain must be proven to be fully traceable and managed from virgin or recycled materials to the finished product.
After obtaining RCS certification, we are working with our raw material suppliers to obtain Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, which has even more stringent requirements. GRS sets higher standards for content ratio of recycled raw material, and also includes environmental and social considerations such as minimizing environmentally harmful substances, managing the working hours of those involved in producing products, and maintaining appropriate working conditions. Throughout our supply chain, Nittobo will provide products that our customers can use confidently, with transparency and proof of safety.