Sustainable Procurements

Fundamental Approach

Our business activities are built upon working together with all the suppliers who form our supply chain.
Based on the Nittobo Group Sustainable Procurement Policy, we are working to achieve a sustainable society and mutual development throughout our supply chain by sharing issues and our fundamental approach to our social mission with all of our suppliers.

Management System

The Nittobo Group Sustainable Procurement Policy is overseen by Nitto Boseki’s Purchasing Department. The Department raises awareness and makes evaluations based on the Purchasing Management Rules. The Department also monitors activities to raise awareness at each Group company and business site in Japan and around the world.

Disseminating the Sustainable Procurement Policy

In addition to posting information to our website, we also provide notices individually to each of our suppliers. We are also working to spread and propagate the concept throughout our supply chain by asking our partners to introduce and educate their upstream suppliers about it.

CSR Evaluations of Our Suppliers

We use questionnaires and hold conversations to assess the degree to which the Procurement Policy has been disseminated and put into practice, with our goal being to further promote sustainable procurements.

Handling New Suppliers

When we have new accounts opened for entering into purchasing arrangements, we pre-screen our new suppliers to evaluate them from the standpoint of sustainability.