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since1923 Nittobo

The Nittobo Group prepared a 100th anniversary logo to commemorate its anniversary on April 1, 2023.

Since its establishment in Fukushima as a textile manufacturer in 1923, the motto of the Nittobo Group has been unchanged: “Let’s turn anything into fibers.” Striving to live up to the motto, Nittobo ventured into R&D and succeeded in the industrial production of glass fiber for the first time in the world in the 1930s. Since then, Nittobo’s business has been expanding to materials used for diversified purposes, including not only electronic materials that support the progress of 5G broadband communications but also composites, industrial materials, and insulation.
In addition, Nittobo has been entering various business fields, including in vitro diagnostic reagents and proprietary functional polymer compounds. By taking advantage of the changing times and striving to acquire new technologies with a strong pioneering spirit, Nittobo has achieved tremendous growth.

The Nittobo Group will continue growing for the next 100 years and aspiring to be a company that gains the trust of all stakeholders in the pursuit of client satisfaction.
We are deeply indebted to our stakeholders for constantly supporting our growth.

[ Concept ]

Unicursal drawing with one string, which expresses Nittobo Group’s motto “Let’s turn anything into fibers,” represents our unfettered way of thinking and pioneering spirit passed down for generations.
The line extending from the figure illustrates our 100-year past full of challenges and the future100 years in which we pledge to keep overcoming challenges and continue our unstoppable growth by adapting flexibly to changing times.