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100th Anniversary Event

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company's founding, here are some of the anniversary events that are be implemented in FY2023.

Produced “Secrets of Glass Fiber”
in collaboration with Gakken

Nittobo and Gakken have jointly produced the book “Secrets of Glass Fiber” from the “Gakken Manga de Yokuwakaru Series” of learning materials for elementary school students. “Secret of Glass Fiber” introduces the glass fiber in easy- to-understand manner, including the history of glass fiber's birth, product features, and examples of its use in things around us. The number of books published on April, 2023 were about 30,000 and they were donated to elementary schools and public libraries in all over Japan.
This series of books is not for sale but is available to read at Gakken's website Manga Himitsu Bunko.

Click for access the digital book (Japanese only)

Gakken Manga de Yokuwakaru Series 194 (in Japanese)
Secrets of Glass Fiber

<Table of Contents>

To the world of Glass Fiber
Chapter 1
What is Glass Fiber?
Chapter 2
What amazing Glass Fiber is!
Chapter 3
Glass Fiber for daily life and industry
Chapter 4
How Glass Fiber is made
Chapter 5
Glass Fiber in the future life
Glass Fiber cloth in the hand

Donation of stone monument
at the birthplace of Nittobo

One of the Nittobo roots, Koriyama Kenshi Boseki Co., Ltd. 's foundation place is the 21st Century Parc Hayama no mori nowadays in Koriyama city in Fukushima prefecture. ”The Nittobo Birth place” memorial stone monument at the Fukuyama enterprise center of the Company will be donated to Koriyama City to mark the 100th anniversary and is scheduled to be moved to the 21st Century Parc in March 2024.

100th Anniversary tree planting

On April 5, 2023, to commemorate the 100th anniversary, a seeding of “Miharu Takizakura”*, one of three major cherry blossoms in Japan was planted at the Fukuyama enterprise center.
* Miharu Takizakura: Weeping cherry blossoms growing in Miharu-cho, Fukushima Prefecture designated as a national natural monument.

Establishment of scholarship fund

We are preparing to establish a scholarship fund to support the young generation in Fukushima Prefecture who will lead the manufacturing industry of the future. As the scholarship program for students enrolled in vocational training schools in Fukushima, we will support who aspire to work in the manufacturing industry and contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry in Fukushima.