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Using Our Unique Technology to Provide What Consumers Really Want

Nittobo offers a wide range of apparel and other products intimately connected with everyday life, such as Dan Reine® interlinings, which hold an overwhelming share in the women's apparel industry; C·S·Y® (Core Spun Yarn) double-structured textile, the precursor of stretch fabrics; and the Nittobo Dishcloth, which has been a popular product since it first went on sale over half a century ago.
We will continue to use our unique technology to develop high-function products and provide consumers with what they really want, and at the same time, we will enhance our links with overseas locations, such as Nittobo (China) Co., Ltd., to expand our business globally.

Main Business Lines

■ Nittobo Interlining

Nittobo Interlining has been developed and produced with consideration for the texture of fabrics, the quality of the sewing and finishing, and the durability and feel of the garment when being worn.
With our principles of meticulous quality management and product development and technical support that take the customers' views into consideration, we have secured the no. 1 position in Japan among manufacturers of interlining for women's apparel.
SDDC®brand interlining is a high value-added product that makes use of Nittobo's world-leading adhesive coating technology.
It can be used with a wide range of technical fabrics that are not suited to ordinary interlining and promises the customer a pleasant and comfortable fit and feel.
SDDC®(surface appearance)
Varieties of Nittobo Interlining
R Series PFX Series RJX Series

R Series

PFX Series

RJX Series

This best-selling series is soft to the touch stretching nicely in both length and width directions. This series is soft and lightweight, features a moderate degree of length- and width-wise stretch, and creates an architectural silhouette. This series preserves the texture of high-quality fabrics and creates an elegantly draped silhouette.

■Nittobo's C·S·Y®, C·F·Y®, D·S·Y®

Nittobo's multilayer structured covering is another example of the company's distinguished world-class technologies. Nittobo has developed and produced groundbreaking products that meet the market’s needs, such as the stretch textiles C·S·Y® and the functional textiles C·F·Y® and D·S·Y®.
With polyurethane at their core, C·S·Y® double-structured textiles satisfy customers' needs with reliable quality and variety.
C.S.Y® is a registered trademark of Nittobo.   A cross-section of C・S・Y®
C·S·Y® is a registered trademark of Nittobo.   A cross-section of C•S•Y®
C·F·Y® / D·S·Y® are Nittobo's multilayer structured textiles, products of its unique multi-fiber spinning technology, which provides customers with the image they are looking for.

■ The Nittobo Dishcloth

This long-term best-selling product was developed over 50 years ago as a joint project with the publishing company "Kurashi-no-Techo Sha."
The Nittobo Dishcloth

This product has passed the criteria for "Infants' and Children's Products," the strictest category of Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Europe's ultimate worldwide standard for safety and reliability. This means that it has been acknowledged as suitable for use on infants' tender skin by an international certification organization.

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