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High Performance

With development in a remarkable digital technology, digital devices as typified by personal computer, mobile phone, communication equipment, and game console advance rapidly high-tech, compact, and highly-functional.

These trends lead to increase the demand for enhancing the technology of fiber glass cloth. We, at Nittobo, expand our challenge to innovative fiber glass cloth, based on our advantage of integrated manufacture which has glass composition, fiber processing, and textile treatment technology.

Low dielectric glascloth (NE-glass)

Nowadays, for promoting to higher speed and frequency in the area of computer, mobile phone, and telecommunication infrastructure etc., low dielectric constant and dissipation factor base materials for PWB will be required for next generation materials. Nittobo have proprietary developed low dielectric constant and dissipation fiber glass cloth using NE-glass yarn in replacement using E-glass yarn. 

  Dielectric constant(1GHz) Dielectric dissipation factor(1GHz)
E-glass 6.8 0.0035
NE-glass 4.8 0.0015
The above data are examples of actual measured values and not standard values.

Low CTE glasscloth (T-glass)

For applying T-glass yarn which has low-thermal expansion and high tensile elasticity property, excellent dimensional stability and higher stiffness will be able to materialize. 

  Thermal expansion coefficient
Tensile elasticity modulus (GPa)
E-glass 5.6 75
T-glass 2.8 86
The above data are examples of actual measured values and not standard values.

Ultra thin glasscloth

To respond HDI and high-tech PWB trend, thinner glass cloth are required. Nittobo’s ultra thin cloth have not only thin cloth but also advantage for lazar or mechanical micro-via property, dimensional stability, and smoother surface.

IPC SPEC Thickness Weight count /25mm Weave
(excerpt) (mm) (g/m2) Warp Fill
1037 0.025 24 69 72 Plain
1027 0.020 19 74 74 Plain
1017 0.015 13 95 95 Plain
The above data are examples of actual measured values and not standard values.

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