Environmental Management Organization

The Nittobo Group has established the Central Environment Conservation Committee (whose chairperson is elected from among the board members).
The Committee, which consists of members elected from business and administrative units as well as members in charge of technology and production, who are elected from business units, discusses important environment-related activities and matters as the Group's central supervisory and deliberative organ related to environmental protection.
In addition, in order to share company-wide information and raise each other's awareness level, environmental managers who are responsible for promoting environmental management at each Office Environment Conservation Committee and Committee members in charge of technology and production have organized the Group Environment Conservation Committee to engage in Group-wide environmental protection activities.

Environmental Management OrganizationEnvironmental Management Organization

ISO14001-certified Business Unit

Company/Business Unit Accreditation Date
1 Nittobo Fukushima No.2 Factory 2001/1/27
2 Fuji Fiber Glass Company, Ltd. 2003/2/16
3 Nitto Glasstex Co., Ltd. 2003/1/17
4 Paramount Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Naganuma Factory 2001/3/27
5 Paramount Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Suzuka Factory 2010/3/3
6 Paramount Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Ebetsu Factory 2003/3/31