Nittobo Environmental Charter

The Nittobo Group is fully aware of the importance of global environmental issues and is committed, according to the Nittobo Code of Conduct, to voluntarily and proactively creating and maintaining a better environment and to identifying energy-saving solutions, achieving effective use of resources, and preventing pollution as preconditions for its survival. Based on this philosophy, the Group has established the Nittobo Environmental Charter and the "Company-wide Environmental Policy", and is working toward continuous improvement. In addition, in its ongoing medium-term management plan, the Group will strive to set goals aimed at reducing environmental impacts as one of its five priority measures.

Nittobo Environmental Charter

Guiding Principle

In all our corporate activities and business development efforts, we, the Nittobo Group, will contribute to handing down the irreplaceable global environment to the next generation and ensuring sustainable development by providing environmentally conscious products and services and taking the needs of the environment into consideration in our activities.

Action Guidelines

1. Environmental protection Aim at improving the environment continuously and coexisting with the local community by striving to reduce environmental impacts in a systematic way.
2. Environmentally conscious corporate activities Promote energy-saving, resource-saving, recycle-oriented, and environmentally conscious operations in all business domains in Japan and abroad.
3. Compliance with environmental policy and voluntary management Conform to laws and regulations in addition to other requirements and principles as well as stipulate voluntary environmental policy and management standards and work toward achieving them.
4. Periodic audits Conduct periodic environmental audits to verify the appropriateness of management standards and improve environmental and safety management to raise such standards.
5. Training and education Provide all employees with thorough environmental and safety training and raise their environmental and safety awareness levels mainly by making environmental and safety policies known to them, and strive to hand down the global environment to posterity.

Established on October 1, 1998
Revised on July 1, 2005

Company-wide Environmental Policy

Company-wide Environmental PolicyCompany-wide Environmental Policy