We will pursue the "Creation of Healthy and Comfortable Lifestyles" based on better relationships with our communities and environments.

To accomplish this, we plan to:

  • Operate a nondiscriminatory business while complying with laws, regulations and corporate ethics.
  • Address the preservation of our irreplaceable environments.
  • Seek open and mutual communication to build better relationships with all of our stakeholders.
Nittobo is currently proactive in their efforts to establish and promote these goals so that it can enhance its' values and broaden the trust of our communities.
We are convinced that the "Creation of Healthy and Comfortable Lifestyles" which Nittobo pursues, must be realized along with its' "Social Responsibilities as a Corporate Citizen."

Nittobo's Code of Conduct

[Revised on February 1, 2016]
Nittobo rigorously adheres to a "Code of Conduct" which is established by Nittobo Group. We are keenly aware of our missions and responsibilities and what is required to engage in fair and transparent corporate conduct, to always strive for innovative management and commit to putting forth our best efforts to achieve truly prosperous communities.

  1. We will develop and provide socially useful and high-quality products, technologies and services that satisfy our customers, while fully considering their safety and the protection of personal/customer information.
  2. We will engage in responsible behavior by engaging in fair and transparent competition and by complying with not only laws, regulations and the articles of incorporation, but also social norms.
  3. We will, as a trusted company, fairly disclose corporate information and seek to have extensive communications with our communities.
  4. We will, recognizing the significance of global environmental issues as conditions for survival as a corporation, independently and proactively address many challenges including energy saving, effective use of resources and pollution prevention for the purpose of creating and preserving better environments.
  5. We will try to have symbiotic relationships with communities while respecting regional cultures and customs through our corporate activities inside and outside Japan and will also, as a good corporate citizen, take proactive initiatives in order to contribute to the development of regional communities.
  6. We will, for the sake of our employees, create comfortable and relaxed atmospheres, secure safe and pleasant working environments, and work on creating a happy and discrimination-free workplace while respecting their human rights.
  7. We and our business partners will respect each other's positions and will implement fair, transparent transactions so that both parties can enjoy mutually beneficial relationships.
  8. We will keep wholesome and resolute attitudes against anti-social forces and bodies that threaten the order and safety of our civic communities.
  9. Our top management will demonstrate leadership in embodying the essence of these codes by thoroughly creating awareness within the entire Nittobo Group. In addition, they will widely publicize these codes to communities and will establish effective company structures to support these codes. When any situation arises that disregards these codes, our top management will take the initiative in correcting the situation, work on finding the truth to prevent the recurrence, and take strict measures against the parties concerned, including themselves.

Codes of Practice

[Revised on February 1, 2016]

  1. Code of Practice on Responsibilities as a Provider of Products and Others
  2. Code of Practice on Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Corporate Ethics
  3. Code of Practice on Information
  4. Code of Practice on Environment
  5. Code of Practice on Respect for Personality and Individuality
  6. Code of Practice on Safety and Health
  7. Code of Practice on Social Contribution
  8. Code of Practice on Relationship with Business Partners
  9. Code of Practice on Antisocial Forces

Environmental Charter

Basic Philosophy

As a part of Nittobo Group, in all of our corporate activities and business operations, we will take actions and provide products and services friendly to our environment. This is in order for our precious global environment to be passed down to future generations and to develop sustainably.

Course of Actions

  1. Environmental Conservation
    Aim to have symbiotic relationships with regional communities by continuously improving environments through the systematic decrease in environmental burdens.
  2. Corporate Activities Based on Consideration to Environment
    Promote activities that pay attention to energy saving, resource saving, recycling and environmental burdens in all of our business fields inside and outside Japan.
  3. Compliance with Environmental Policies and Self-Management
    Comply with laws and regulations as well as other requirements; Set our own environmental policies and realize our management standards.
  4. Implementation of Periodic Checks
    Seek to examine and improve environmental/safety controls and also enhance such control standards by implementing periodic checks.
  5. Education / Enlightenment
    Strive to enhance the awareness of employees and to pass on such awareness to future generations by thoroughly providing them with environmental/safety education and disseminate environmental guidelines to all employees.

Safety and Health Guidelines

Basic Philosophy

Nittobo Group will comply with all laws and regulations and will establish safe and pleasant working environments based on the understanding that the safety and health of its employees is the foundation of its' business operations.

Course of Action

  1. Establishment of a Safe Workplace Environment
    Perform a risk assessment to remove and decrease hazardous and harmful factors and invest in necessary management resources to maintain and improve our safe and heathy working environment.
  2. Promote Health Maintenance
    Proactively assist in the maintenance and promotion of the health of our employees both mentally and physically by establishing a pleasant workplace in which they freely and willingly exchange opinions and to prevent harassment or excessive workload at the workplace.
  3. Compliance and Management of Labor Policy
    Comply with laws, regulations and other standards regarding safety and health and to set our own environmental policies and management standards.
  4. Implementation of Periodic Inspection
    Seek to examine and improve safety and health control systems and to enhance such control standards through the implementation of periodic safety and health inspections.
  5. Education/Enlightenment
    Create safe and healthy working environments across our organization by thoroughly providing all of our employees with safety and health education and to understand safety and health guidelines.

Established on 07/01/2017