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Environment & Health

Contributing to people and the global environment through a wide range of applications

Taking advantage of technologies and expertise long cultivated by the Nittobo Group, the Environment & Health Division operates a comprehensive range of business operations. In the medical field, we develop reagent for in vitro diagnostics in three fields: biochemistry, hematology, and immunology. The specialty chemicals business focuses on the development of polymer and a comprehensive range of applications. The beverage business is based on private brands and is engaged in the complete process from molding of PET bottles to manufacturing and bottling of beverages. For the green business, we sell rock wool substrate for agriculture and horticulture (made by Rockwool B.V.).
Properly responding to customer needs, we continue to pursue individual business operations and contribute to people and the global environment.


■ Reagents for in vitro diagnostics

Challenging life sciences centered on clinical diagnostic reagents
Please see here for details about the medical products of the Nittobo Group. NITTOBO MEDICAL CO., LTD.

The Medical Division began with synthetic substrates and coloring reagents, and at present is developing clinical diagnostic reagents in three fields: biochemistry, hematology and immunology.
Clinical diagnostic reagents are used to diagnose where any abnormalities may be detected in the body, by measuring specific elements in urine or blood samples.

The Nittobo clinical diagnostic reagent. It is a diagnostic reagent with applications in many automatic analytical devices.

■ Functional polymers

"Our functional polymers"are used in the various fields
Please see here for details about the specialty chemicals business of the Nittobo Group Specialty chemicals

In the field of Specialty chemicals,we continue to develop applications of the various fields such as scavenger for metals,and new polymers through the use of special polymerization technologies.
Functional polymer"PAA®"

■ Soft drinks

Toward a soft drinks manufacturer with capacity for development and proposals
Nitto Beverage Co., Ltd

Located at the Tomari Enterprise Center in Toyama Prefecture, Nitto Beverage focuses on production and sales of PET bottles and soft drinks made with the renowned Kurobe mineral water. As a manufacturer of beverages, mainly deal in Private Brand with ISO9001 certification for quality management systems and equipped with a system capable of efficient high-mix small-lot production and shipment, Nitto Beverage always delivers safe and secure products to the customer.

■ Rock wool substrate for agriculture and horticulture

The main raw material for the rock wool substrate that Rockwool B.V.*1  produces for agricultural and horticultural use is basalt. Based on the advanced manufacturing systems and cultivation know-how at Rockwool, the substrate is used worldwide as a high-quality artificial substrate that is far superior to soil. The substrate has obtained the EU Eco Label and is acclaimed for its low impact on the environment from the collection of the raw material and production of natural resources to final disposal.
In addition, at Nittobo we use our own technology to contribute to the protection of the global environment by recycling the rock wool substrate that we sell.
*1 With effect from January 1st 2011, Grodan B.V. changed its company name to Rockwool B.V.

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